Hiking in Leopard Trail

travel Oct 15, 2023

Leopard trail is a remote spot in Gurgaon, India where I experience a miniature version of mountains with its hilly area.

I love taking my car alone and spend a few hours near the pond.

my sexy car

I listen to music while I drive. Once you enter the leopard trail region - the surroundings become immensely quite. That is something very rare to find in a busy city like Gurgaon.

It feels good to be remote at times. It gives me peace and quite to process my life. It encompasses the term "Life is in the pause" pretty well.

leopard trail

I've been here many times with multiple people. There's a lot of aspects to explore in this place including:

  • The pond and a swamp
  • Rare birds
  • Obscure trails leading into the hills
  • Cafes to chill at

This one day I went alone

I've been to leopard trail alone twice in my life. First was when I wanted to vent out my feelings with driving - so I chose leopard trail as my destination. This was also the first time I visited this place.

Since then I went there multiple times. Recently I went there alone again out of pure intend to explore.

I parked my car and went exploring. I found a swamp by following a trail:

The swamp in leopard trail

This swamp had frogs, ducks and rare birds around it.

After this I went strolling in another trail that led me to a pond. This is a pond I spent most of my time at. I sat down below tree shed and stared at the water.

The pond in leopard trail

I love looking at the waves that get created on the pond's surface.

All those waves coming together - sometimes adding and sometimes cancelling each other out.

Reminds me a lot of wave superposition in Physics.

Every wave has a story - An event that triggered the wave. Maybe a tadpole or a dragon fly playing on the water.

I love to sit beside this pond with people important to me. Recently I went there with my best friend

I wish I could push him into the pond



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