Will We Ever Be Satisfied?

Will We Ever Be Satisfied?

Getting bored is probably our biggest super power. When we get bored, we feel unsatisfied. Boredom sucks. We constantly keep ourselves occupied so we're not bored.

The impact of boredom is immense. When we get bored - we go out and explore. Explore places, ideas and people.

I firmly believe that what's exciting in this world is the unexplored. We humans fundamentally are explorers. We're the breed of apes that crossed continents and populated the entire planet. Soon we will populate multiple planets.

We just keep on moving. Achieving more things after other.

Does this mean we will never be satisfied?

Yes. Humans will never be satisfied. We will achieve greatness, and get bored, and move on to achieving greater things.

That sounds very sad in conventional sense, But I find that as truly super. fucking. cool.

We're so lucky to have evolved with the sense of boredom, which has substantially impacted our abilities compared to other species on this planet.

If you're bored right now, go out and explore. Exploration pays off.