2023 is the year I took over my life.

I was reading though my old journal entries from last year. I read through my private vents. In 2022 my mental health was very poor. I was living with my family, taking care my of brother and doing a job I didn't like.

A person I used to talk to a lot started fading away and I was no longer at a state of mind where I felt consistently happy.

February 2023

This is a special month. I had started taking over my life. I moved away from Jaipur from my parent's house. I went to Delhi to meet friends and in February - I was living alone.

I was writing music, reading books and I lived completely alone in my old house in Greater Noida.

I found it odd - that I preferred living alone over being with family.

On 7th February - I was fired. The reason was simple. I wasn't performing well enough. I was really sad. My dad supported me as much as he could.

I job hunted as my as I could. Within 3 days I was able to find a new job at GroMo - that change my life.

My life after this new job

Because if this new job at GroMo, I moved to Gurgaon with my best friends. I was closer to the people who made me happy, and far from the people who made me sad.

The HR who hired me for this job became my girlfriend. She's the sweetest girl I know and I'm glad we met.

The kind of work I've done at GroMo has been fanscinating and I've learned a lot. Its challanging work and currenly I'm leading an AI project for my company.

I felt like a complete man this year. I flipped it all over. I took charge of my life and did what's good for my mental health.

The first few months with S T and A were really amazing. Few of the best times of my life.

I don't know what the next year going to be like. Last year this month was completely different. You really can't predict what the next year is going to be like.

Maybe I'll lose everything again. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll get bored or maybe its something completely different that only time will tell.

I'll be visiting my family this weekend since moving here. It's been a long time.