The Story of Fellatino - Part 1

One upon a time.. There was king named Fellatino. Fellatino was the ruler of the the great dynasty of ancient mexico.

One day - Fellatino went hunting.

While on hunt he saw an amazon delivery guy approach him.

Fellatino got very excited. He knew it was his copy of Cyberpunk 2077 coming.

Fellatino went home and started playing cyberpunk on his Abacus 3069

The amazon delivery guy was a bit weird. He didn't take money or sign anything, just delivered and went away. Vert interesting.

Nevertheless Fellatino kept playing

After a few hours. Fellatino's council men named Barack Trump approached him.

He said that there is a problem in the kingdom

All the booze and alcohol were missing!!

Yes you're right. Its THE Barack trump.

Fellatino asked Barack Trump to find the person who did this and get back all the booze.

Barrack Trump then went on a mission to find the person who did this. He went to many places. Searched many streets but no luck

Except one day......

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Barrack Trump had lost all hope. He had to report his failure to Fellatino. But right when he was gonna go there he received a whatsapp text on his pigeon.

The message said "meet me at the riverside at midnight. I can help you find the booze."

Barrack Trump finally had a glimmer of hope. He missed his meeting with Fellatino and went to the river side.


He saw the amazon delivery guy!!

Barrack Trump became concerned. How does the delivery guy from before know about the thief?

The delivery guy said Barrack Trump, "You must follow all light from where it originates from. And you will find the thief... Also. I know your secret... Send me 500 bitcoin or I'll tweet your secret."

And then *poof * he disappeared

Days went by...

Barrack Trump couldn't figure out the riddle

Can you - the reader, figure out the riddle?

Barrack Trump was shocked.

The delivery guy told that its actually his own SON.

Thain thain thaiiiiin *plays ekta kapoor music

Barrack Trump went home to find his son. To his surprise, his son named Asaduddin Modi was missing..

Right before Barrack Trump could leave his house Fellatino entered his house.

Everyone were shocked to see the king appear

Fellatino was angry at Barrack Trump.

"Why? What have I done?" cried Barrack Trump.

Fellatino shouted "quite you traitor. I know your secret.."

"What secret? I'm no traitor. Please you have to trust me king!" Said Barrack Trump.

Without any explanation, Fellatino took his katana and killed Barrack Trump.....

What was the secret? Who is this delivery guy? Where is Asaduddin Modi? Who took the booze?

Reveals next week on our next episode named "The betryal -P$P-"

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