The Story of Fellatino - Part 2

Now that Barrack Trump was dead. No one knew his son Assadudin Modi is the real thief.

Right before Barrack Trump was killed, he went to his house to find his son, Assadudin Modi, who's been missing since.

Months went by..

Fellatino had lost all hope

Until one day....

Fellatino decided to talk to the king of the biggest empire there is

The ruler of this kingdom is Elon Musk

Elon, being the smart guy, told Fellatino to find Assadudin Modi

So the search began to find Assadudin Modi

It took only 2 days to find Assadudin with the high tech surveillance technology Elon had deployed.

Fellatino asked Assadudin, "why did you steal all the booze?"

What happens next will SHOCK you

Assadudin said...


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Assadudin said "I was hired to do so. If you kill me, someone else will be hired to do this. You cannot stop this."

"Who hired you?", asked Fellatino

Assadudin said "it's no other than the amazon delivery guy.... his name.. -P$P-..."

Thain thaiin thaiiiiiiin

*plays saas bahu music

*uses all transition effects

Fellatino was completely SHOCKED

Before Fellatino could go, Assadudin Modi asked Fellatino "before you go... what is my fathers secret? Why did you kill him?"

Fellatino paused and looked down..

He said...

"Your father Barrack Trump was a spy from a foreign kingdom of ElonLand.."

Assadudin Modi was completely shocked. His own father.. a spy from ElonLand?

Assadudin cried. He was miserable. Fellatino decided to spare him and left him to his misery.

Not long after, Fellatino used his surveillance tech to find the amazon delivery guy -P$P-.

It took him only 3 days to find him

Fellatino entered -P$P-'s house..

And found.....


thain thain thaiiiiiiiin

*plays kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

The body was of no other but the amazon guy

-P$P- was dead...

Fellatino quickly realized that's a good thing. The booze theft cartel was no more. The booze will return to his kingdom!

Fellatino was very happy

So he decided to throw a party


How did -P$P- die?

Good question

Very good question

Fellatino decided it doesn't matter, and partied.

Fellatino had also invited Elon Musk of ElonLand

But he had more plans....

Audience: but why was elonland spying on fellatino ?

Good question

During the party, Fellatino added poison into Elon's booze.

He didn't like that he was being spied on by Elon

..Elon took a sip...

And felt...



5 mins later Elon fainted

Fellatino captured him and took Elon to interrogation room

Fellatino asked "So Elon.. Do you anything about who killed -P$P-?"

To which Elon said "what the hell man"

"How would I know anything about that??"

To which Fellatino said "Oh you know. Considering how good you're at deploying spies... you must know.."

Elon didn't say anything for 2 minutes


Elon started laughing

"Ha ha ha ha oh you pitiful human.." Said Elon

"I KILLED -P$P-. It was me, Fellatino.."

"Its because that Jeff Bezos has been a competition to my SpaceX. So I did what any business would do.. I killed his soldiers. No more interplanetary deliveries.." - Elon Musk

And then...


The end

Thank you for coming to my ted talk