Thoughts on Love and Family

I don't think there's a lot of mystery left around humanity for me. Looking upon how our financial systems are built, how we react to our basic human extinct, and how they've been monetized. I realize this is a fancy show we've been playing for ourselves.

There is no one meaning in that.

I think it would be nice of me to spend a small part of my time on things that are not surrounded by basic human extincts. I will never monetize my youtube channel or my blog. It makes the non-profit model of the fediverse make a lot of sense.

this makes me feel highly unmotivated to do my work.

why should i code? to build the product.
why build the product? to earn money and satisfy customers
why satisfy customers? so they can do their work
why do our customers do their work? to earn money and satisfy their loved ones

is love also a basic human extinct? hhhh. family is all we have i guess.

even love is monetized. our financial system is ugly, but it works. might even call beautiful.