Paramdeep Singh Obheroi


Personal Background

Senior Engineer and Tech enthusiast. I've worked in fast growing startups and contributed with building applications and services that have scaled and serviced to millions of Indians.

I have have built multiple microservices with top industry standards and led teams to successfully delivered projects.

I own things I build. Lead team and provide mentorship to everyone while also learning from everyone.

Contributes everywhere I go with innovation in engineering, data science and AI.

Work experience

GroMo | Senior Software Engineer | March 2023 - Present

  • Autoinwarding with Permute: Automatically inward insurance policies with Permute API.
  • GroMoGPT: Lead engineer and owner of the GroMo GPT project.

    Designed architecture, project plan and code base of GroMo GPT, and internal LLM model fine-tuned on company data.
  • Data Engineering Pipeline with CDC: MySQL to BigQuery and Redshift ETL pipelines.
  • EKS migration of services: Dockerized and migrated services to Kubernetes to save cost.
  • Worked on GroMo One: New step in GroMo app that recommends financial products to end customers and customers to GPs.
  • Designed and implemented Reconciliation project: Automatically scraps insurance policies, parses them and creates leads for reconciliation.
  • Led and owned Guardians of GroMo panel: Company internal panel with maker-checker and bulk processing features. Used to handle money related tasks like scratch cards, wallet reversals and create leads in bulk. Owner of project with all new features.
  • Designed and implemented multiple micro-services in a multi-tenant and scalable approach. Worked with around 30 micro-services.
  • Identity Management System: Multi-tenant user management system with hierarchy and access controls features.
  • Customer Management Service: Central user store service to store data about all end customers that interact with GroMo products
  • OTP Service: Central service to generate, send and verify OTPs.
  • Reminder Service (Job Scheduler to replace cron jobs): GroMo's task scheduler service. Enables other microservices to schedule reminders based on flexible calendar parameters like linear or exponential periodicity.

    Also support scalable features such as retry mechanism and idempotency
  • Task-Scheduler: GroMo's in-house distributed Task Scheduler. Used in projects to execute tasks with consistence and retry mechanism.

    Written in TypeScript and open-sourced as a npm package:
  • Insurance portal for insurers:
  • Part of senior team managing and leading junior engineers (SDE1s) and interns. Direct reportee to CTO.
  • Awarded star performer 3 times
  • Founder of the use of AI in company. Did multiple tech talks on the use of AI to increase productivity.

Wizni, Inc | Software Developer | February 2022 - March 2023

  • Research and Development. Responsible for building and testing new ideas.
  • Converted existing applications from legacy code to nest.js
  • Designed and implemented a cloud native micro-services architecture for existing monolithic applications
  • Implemented caching in core APIs
  • Implemented scalable SMS conversations feature for all users
  • Optimized code-base
  • Implemented many core features for ARIVE platform
  • Managed and designed company wide analytical reporting with Tableau
  • Built Data Connectors for analytics

NowFloats Technologies | Data Engineer and Backend Developer | February 2021 - February 2022

  • Worked as a back-end developer and a data engineer
  • Built intelligent deep learning systems that send recommendations to improve customer's online business.
  • Enabled a new dimension of reporting by building the ETL pipelines
  • Built recommendation engines for marketplaces to boost company's sales
  • Scaled our email delivery system by 10x
  • Developed multiple solutions including:
    - ETL solutions
    - Deep learning AI to predict website traffic
    - Scaling solutions to optimize internal services
  • Developed web architectures, APIs, and services
  • Awarded Star Performer of Q3-2021

HCL Technologies | July 2019 - February 2021

  • Developed and led 4 Interactive Dashboards for automated reporting of ticketing data across multiple domains which led to major positive impact on SLA and customer satisfaction
  • Personal innovations led to saving $317,580 for the company
  • Actively reduced manual effort and improved efficiency with value ideas
  • Worked as SAP ERP contractor designing and monitoring ┬ásolutions
  • Handled world clients from USA, UK, Japan and Canada

Startup - Hode Technologies Pvt Ltd | April 2018 - July 2019

  • App development: Developed two industry ready android apps which helped tourists hire boat rides in the ghats of Varanasi
  • Cloud Development: Designed and implemented optimized code to reduce server costs and attain clear communication between apps, services and database

Internship - Centre For Railway Information Systems | April 2018 - July 2018

  • Implemented the core authentication of Track Management Systems for government officials
  • Designed parts of website's user interface

Skills & Competencies

  • System design, Project planning, Leader / mentor
  • Fullstack Web Development
  • REST API Development: Node.js / Typescript (Express, koa.js, nest.js), Python (Flask), Micro-services
  • Cloud: Azure, GCP, AWS, Linode, Server-less
  • AI: TensorFlow, HuggingFace, LangChain, Transformers, LLMs, GPTs, GCP, Azure ML
  • App Development: Tauri framework, React Native and Android SDK
  • Data: ETL, MongoDB, Azure SQL, ADF, Postgresql, MySQL
  • Docker, Kubernetes, and containerization
  • Google skills: Ability to find answers via Google, chatGPT and Bard
  • Linux: proficient in linux terminal and devops skills to deploy and manage web apps

Programming languages and frameworks

  • Python: Flask, TensorFlow, HuggingFace, Keras, OpenCV, Pandas, etc
  • JavaScript / Node.js / Typescript / Nest.js, etc
  • C# .NET
  • Bitcoin Script
  • C/C++
  • Java

Public Work

  • A QnA platform based around bitcoin rewards via the Lightning Network
  • Soldirac rewards people with bitcoin for solving problems. Bitcoin is used a bounty on problem submitted by users
  • Anyone can ask a question without paying
  • Used by 1000s of people across the web
  • Mentioned in multiple crypto outlets

Bitcoin tipping bot for discord

Moderator of r/india community

  • arranged and manged official AMA with Free Software Community of India

Co-founder of

  • co-founded that provides study material to thousands of college students for free.

Self Driving Car on a simulated environment

ROG Config Panel

  • A GUI app for Linux users to configure their Asus laptops
  • built using latest tauri framework
  • rust backend leading to efficient builds

Academic profile

B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering - Amity University, Noida | July 2015 - June 2019

  • Completed the degree with a CGPA of 7.02
  • Top 3 in multiple competitions related to competitive programming
  • Core member of the music society and an active guitarist

CBSE Class 12th - Kendriya Vidyalaya, Greater Noida | 2015 pass out

  • Core subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Completed with 82.6%

Contact Details

  • Phone: (+91) 8800-465-231
  • Email:
  • Git:
  • Website:
  • Address: C-305, Rail Vihar Apartments, Sector Alpha-1, Greater Noida, UP, 201308
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